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North Korea (and III)

This is the third and last post for the trip to North Korea. You can read the previous first post and second post to have a more complete overview. “Great Leader” Kim Il Sung, “Dear Leader” Kim Jong Il and Kim Jong Suk One of the more particular aspects of a visit to DPRK is […]

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North Korea (II)

If you have not read the first part of this post I recommend to read it before proceeding with this one. Arirang If you’ve looked up for North Korea outside of the the traditional news it is very likely that you saw some images of Arirang. Arirang is a gymnastic performance where more than 100000 […]

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North Korea (I)

As Anna already mentioned at her last post I was not going to visit her in India. The secret holiday destination this year was North Korea (or Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, DPRK) and as you are reading this it means that everything was alright :) As it is an unusual destination (as you can […]

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Sant Jordi @ South Korea

Anna had to leave Taiwan for visa reasons, so we arranged an extended weekend trip to Seoul during Sant Jordi. South Korean stamp was missing on our passports :) Seoul We did not have much expectations about our visit to Seoul, as almost nobody in Taipei made a single positive comment about Seoul, Korea or […]

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