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Lantern Festival

The “Lantern Festival” is the final of the Chinese New Year Festivities. It is officially celebrated on the fifteenth day of the first month in the lunar year in the Chinese calendar (so 28th of February on 2010).

The truth is that the Lantern Festival is celebrated slightly before and for couple of days after the official date in various locations around Taiwan. Check this official website for details.

On Saturday 27th we went to the Taipei Lantern Festival, taking place around the National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall and City Hall Square. There are paper-lantern exhibitions, various entertainment programs and obviously food bazaars. The theme of the lanterns is always linked with the zodiac animal for the year, on 2010, the Tiger.

ninaOn Sunday, we followed the crowds to Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival. We were lucky because Nina, a taiwanese girl learning Spanish and doing language exchange with Anna, joined us on the adventure and helped us to act like real Taiwanese people :). Thank you Nina! (even it was her first time also to Pingxi :)) 


Enjoy the pictures, some of them are really beautiful!

And last but not least… a game! Can you find me (Albert) on this picture? :) Click on the picture to make it bigger


We will post the solution in a couple of days!


    Jo crec que estas darrere la càmera!

  • La foto la va fer l’Anna :) estic a la foto de veritat

  • Sí, jo vaig fer la foto! Fins i tot em vaig despistar, i vaig perdre de vista a l’Albert!! Vaig haver de trucar-lo perquè no el trobava ;)

  • Also this was my fist time went the sky lantern festival….
    I am a real Taiwanese!!! ja~ja~

  • Canyi somriu una mica a les fotos!! Que sembles un xino més!