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El Patio de mi Casa

During the landing process at Taiwan, a lot of help has been provided by Stan, a colleague at ADB. To thank him for all the efforts we decided to invite them (Stan and her wife Janet) to have dinner in one of the Spanish restaurants in Taipei: “El Patio de mi Casa” (blog in Chinese)

elpatio 016 elpatio 017

In the whole Taiwan island there are only 3 restaurants with Spanish chefs: “Hola” at Kaohsiung and “El Toro” and “El Patio de mi Casa” at Taipei. “El Patio de mi Casa” seems to be the only one with “tapas” menu. Luis and Ramses own and run the restaurant. The restaurant opened back on 2007 as a private kitchen, but since late 2009 they moved the restaurant to a new location in the centre/north area of Taipei city.

As you could expect, patatas bravas (yummy!) was the favorite tapa of the night!

elpatio 002elpatio 003elpatio 007

We also wanted to give to the just married couple (indeed, we went to the wedding! a post will be prepared when we get some good photos from the ceremory and party), a book in Chinese from a Korean illustrator who lived for a while at Barcelona. We found the book by chance few weeks ago and they loved it.

elpatio 009

In order to complete the Spanish night, the owners (that are also musicians) decided to play the Spanish guitar and “la caja” (the box). By the way, the guy on the right side is blowing the bottle to make some sound too.

elpatio 013

I guess we will return to the restaurant sooner or later as the experience was very positive and we still left a number of dishes to try.

Enjoy your meal!


    Fent amics!!! ja els hi ensenyareu a fer el pa amb tomàquet que

  • Wow~I haven’t try any Spanish food before!!!
    Shall we go next time?!

  • Great blog post, just what I had been searching for.