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a,b,c,d… in Chinese!

To be more integrated between Taiwanese people, and try to make us undesrtand, Albert and me we have started our respective Chineses lessons. But,  in different schools, different timetable and different places.

It’s impressive how many things you can do with three hours everyday, from Monday to Friday!! Albert, due to his complicated timetable and various trips, he’s taking classes from time to time.

My school is near from home, I just have to cross the park :) And my class is like a small delegation of the United Nations: there is a boy from USA, an Italian boy, a Japanese girl and one Vietamese, who we don’t see very often. And the teacher (laoshi), who is Taiwanese, she just speaks a few of English, so the class is almost all in Chinese! She makes us to work hard and we have to study and do homework everyday; it’s like going back to school.

chinses class
Ery (Indonesia), me, Laoshi (Taiwan), Paolo (Italy), Mika (Japan) and Nick (USA); and the Vietnamese boy has disappeared.

About Mandarin Chinese, we could say that grammar, unlike Catalan or Spanish grammar, is quite easy. However, the pronunciation (the wretched 5 tons!) and the Chinese Characters it’s another thing. At the beginning, we learn the phonetic alphabet  to be able to read the Chinese symbols later on, what is known as pinyin. And to do it more complicated, in Taiwan also teach another phonetic alphabet called “bopomofo“. Truly, this is an art to learn how to write all these symbols, and also it is an art to know them by heart!

Here you are a little example of how it sounds. If everything sounds you the same, so welcome to the wonderful world of Chinese! And the other video, it could be the English-Spanish version of pimyin.

So, now I wont have any excuse to say that “I don’t undersatnd anything if you talk to me in Chinese!”

apunts xinocaligrafia

Notes (in Chinese, English and Catalan); and Chinese calligraphy (we have the same notebooks as the children use at school!)

To celebrate the last day of class before Chinese New Year’s Eve, and also the last day of class for Paolo, we had dinner in a restaurant designed as if it was inside a plane. As we booked in advance, we were placed at First Class. I have to say that the food was pretty much better than in the planes and we had more plece than the real seats!

To receive us, they said: “Welcome on board!”

sopar classe sopar classe_2

sopar classe_3 sopar classe_4

Zai jian!


    ey, que post más interesante y divertido! Cuando llevéis un tiempo estaría bien que os grabaráis diciendo algo en chino :)

  • I love it! So funny. Who is that handsome guy in the red shirt?

  • Very nice classmates and beer must be good. I practice English but do not tell you how. Heart with Chinese

  • Don’t worry Anna! I will help you!
    We help each other!
    What a special restaurant!
    I want to go! je je~