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Weiya party 2010

Last January 29th, ADB (the company I work for) celebrated the “Weiya party”. It would be the equivalent to the Xmas dinner in Europe. The party takes place various weeks in advance of the actual Chinese New Year (14th February 2010)
640x368-z007_venueThe Weiya is very important for the Taiwanese people and the company spends a good amount of money to organize a really cool party. All employees, sobre providers and few VIPs are invited to join the party. As you could expect, apart from the official speeches, people socialize and drink a lot.
hongbaoThe most particular bit of the party is when the “hong bao” (red envelope with money inside) is given

Normally your direct boss will give you a “hong bao” and the company organizes a kind of lottery with a lot of “hong bao”. Almost everyone gets some kind of price, ranging from 150€ to 1500€ (top single price this year). I was lucky enough as to get something, so I had to go up into the stage to collect the red envelope.
As you have already probably noticed in the pictures, this year ADB Weiya was focused on India. The decoration, the dressing code and the performances were inspired in India.


23572_normal_48475Being a new employee at the ADB office, it was almost mandatory to take part on some of the dancing shows. Indeed, being involved in that, helped me a lot to know people from the office that I do not usually work with.
Dancing is a serious subject in Taiwan (in the future I will post about that). For the party we even got a teacher and we had various sessions to prepare the performance.
The teacher, named Tang Tang (Sugar Sugar), deserves a special mention.
21353_normal_62166Apart from her infinite patience with the dancing crew (specially the guys, being engineers therefore with little sense of rhythm in general), it is important to highlight her superb marketing capabilities. She’s promoting herself very heavily on internet and I still do not know if she’s famous in Taiwan or not. You can take a look at her various websites: (but come back to the blog! the video of the dancing follows!)

During the dancing classes, I also learnt how to count in Mandarin :)

At the end, we performed at the Weiya party! See the picture and video below:640x430-img_6382

The CD failed! The ladies (at the stage at that moment) did not know how to continue or finish the show… it was really a pity after all the effort and time invested on the rehearsals…

Once the dinner ended, we headed to Party World (KTV, a karaoke place) on the Ximending area. We had a giant room booked in advance and we spent there a couple of hours. 640x369-p1000706640x369-p1000711


    BRUTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL!!!! No comento más porque estoy sin palabras. Brutal el post, interesantísimo, y del vídeo no digo na, impresionante!!! Que meneito xD

  • Molt bó el moment “y ahora que hacemos…” quan es ratlla el cd, doncs res, meneo meneo. Ja ja… gran vestuari i coordination!!! Estic d’acord: BRUTAAAAAL!!!!

  • Quina festa uauuuuu!!! ja m’hi apunto sobretot a veure a l’Albert ballar

  • Osti tu… i jo que em pensava que amb la gran nevada del segle d’aquest cap de setmana ho havia vist tot… Ara si que m’he quedat en shock! jajajaja! genial, m’encanta el carinyo que li poseu! Jo vull mes videos d’aquests mentres esmorzo, perque llavors el dia es comenca amb alegria pal cuerpo.

  • JAJAJAJAJA! No doy crédito! Pero que bueno Albert!! ya se me hace raro vente entre tanto chino, pero encima subiendo y bajando los brazos en plan coreografia… me parto sola! Dime que Anita estaba entre el público muriéndose de la risa!

  • Sense comentaris!! “BEAT IT” !!!!!!

  • @ Maria … no no… esto era una fiesta solo para empleados, sin acompañantes. En cualquier caso Anna se ha reido viendo el video en casa.

  • Albert, d’aquí a Bollywood!!!! Jajajaja!!! Espectacular! :D

  • Boníssim això del Bollywood a Taiwan!

    La monitora de ball no se si és famosa o no, però als vídeos que es promociona, no sembla precisament una “shakira” ;)

  • Jo mes que riure he plorat al veure el vestit doradito que et van fer portar, no en tenien prou amb la llibreta del banc amb el porquet rosa? :)
    Brutal el post, que risas….

  • Ay madreeeeee!! ¿por qué no tenía yo conocimiento de este blog antes? jejejej qué envidiaaaaa!! con lo que me gusta a mí vestirme y bailar!! Cuídate mucho. Un beso

  • Collons que fort tiu, el vidreo no te desperdici.
    de totes maneres aviseu a las autoritats de que tanquin les fronteres, La louerdes i en Josep amanaçan amb visitar-vos.

  • que forttttttttt!!!!!

    Agafo idees pel sopar de Nadal de l’empresa…