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Day trip to Danshui

Last weekend, taking advantage of a very sunny Sunday, we decided to take the red MRT line up to its last stop at Danshui., about 40 minutes north of Taipei Central Station.

Various people recommended us to visit Danshui to escape from the city chaos. If you are familiar with Barcelona, Danshui would be a mix between Barceloneta, Port Olímpic and some coast town full of tourists.

Among other things, Danshui is well know for its “tall ice creams” … a real hit, specially when you see how Taiwanese people eat it :). There is also a very funny Turkish ice cream seller (see the video at the bottom)

Just take a look at the pictures that will help to get you an idea

If you have any problem with the Flash version, you have the Picasa album link here

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    Ostres! I com s’aguanten aquests gelats super alts? :o