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Taipei 101

At Taipei, since couple of years ago, the icon of the city is the Taipei 101 (the tallest buliding in the world until late 2009). In the logo of this blog you can also see its silhouette. If you come to visit Taipei it is very likely that you will end up at Taipei 101 during your visit.

The building is visible from all over the city. In various of the visits during the flat hunting visits, the owner mentioned the nice view of Taipei 101 as one of the qualities of the flat. We can see it from the roof only.

Taipei 101 al mig de Taipei (foto d'internet)
Taipei 101 in Taipei city (picture from Internet)

Taipei 101 des del Da-an Park
Taipei 101 from Da-an Park (not far from home)

Taipei 101 des del Sun Yat Sen Memorial
Taipei 101 from Sun Yat Sen Memorial

Taipei 101 des de sota. Impresiona molt.
Taipei 101 view from its base. Really impressive!

You can enjoy a large number of Taipei 101 pictures in this gallery, o simply by searching Internet.

If you want to know it all about Taipei 101 (how it will resists both earthquakes and thypoons, the earthquake that suffered during its construction that killed 7 people, the pagoda shape, the bambu inspiration, etc.), please take a look at the TV shows linked below (around 50 minutes each):

Anna and myself have visited Taipei 101 several times already as it contains one of the largest bookshops in Taipei, a foodcourt with a lot of choices, a supermarket for foreigners (Jasons Market) and a lot of activities take place inside it. In one of the visits we enjoyed a press event from Ferrari and Maserati.





As it was a clear day, on January 10th, right before the sunset we decided to visit the observatory (between floors 89 and 91). 400 NTD (around 8 euros) must be paid. The first step is to take the fastest elevator in the world, that goes as fast as 1010 metres/second (60.6 km/h) to reach floor 89 in barely 37 seconds.

To reach the floor 91 (outdoor observatory, open only when weather conditions are good) you need to use the emergency stairs.



101 pisos. Fan una cursa de pujar-ho a peu...
101 floors + 5 underground floors.There is a run up race

And then you go out :)






And the night covered Taipei




The last part of the visit is to see the “tuned mass damper”, a mega steel ball of 730 tons. Eight steel cables form a sling to support the ball, while eight viscous dampers act like shock absorbers when the sphere shifts. As you can imagine, it is the biggest in the world.


El "damper"

What’s the use of this tuned mass damper, you might ask? It acts like a giant pendulum to counteract the building’s movement reducing sway due to wind by 30 to 40 percent. On the video below you can see how it moved during an earthquake on 2008. I would not have enjoyed the experience… (but everybody claims that Taipei 101 is the safest place to be during an earthquake)

As we are discovering here, in Asian cultures they love to have a mascot for everything (the metro, the firemen, food chains, the bank, etc.). The mascot is present on all promotional material, souvenirs and educational leaflets. Taipei 101 mascots are “Damper Baby’s”. I would not claim that this is a very nice mascot, but it probably does its job well enough.

Un dels "Baby Dampers"


In the future we will visit Taipei 101 again to enjoy one of its restaurants at 85th floor :)


    Quant els hi agraden els ninots i els focs artificials als taiwanesos, semblen valencians xé!!!

  • Vull un clauer DAMPER BABY per quan vingueu! el de color groc i negre rotllo abella Maia si pot ser… :)

  • m’agrada molt nena, és realment bona experiència.