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First impressions

Ni hao!!

So, after my arrival in one of the most known Asian cities… or unknow for many people, and with New Year’s Eve included… now, I can say waht I think about all this at first glance!

Although we hurried up to buy some stuff for our new flat (we’ll talk about it in another post), I could go for a walk and Albert has been my guide through one part of the city.

Basicaly… the city is ugly and grey! May be it doesn’t sound exciting, but this is my first impression. It’s a city that never stops, a lively town, either because of the cars and motorbikes (always there!) or because of the people going up and down the streets. I don’t think they go for a walk, they just go shopping or to work. Unless they go to the park.

carrer lleig_1At least there are many parks in the city where you can take a breath and see another colour, the green one. Here it has been a visual shock for me as everything is so grey and dull (either for the fog or for the polution), as I’m used to the colourful Barcelona of Gaudí.

On the other hand, people seem to be very kind and sincere, what is grateful for people like us, who have just landed from “another planet”. And, though they are very shy, they try to communicate with us as better as they can. Especially the children they get dumbfounded when they see us.

We are used to go around the world and manage to communicate with Spanish, English or French, but with the Chinese… it’s completely different!! Only to have an idea, imagine that you go to the supermarket and you chose the products, as milk or detergent, randomly, according to the colors or pictures wihtout knowing what are you buying. It’s what we have already done!

Well, there’s still a lot to discover and many streets to have a walk, so I’m sure we’ll find some nice spot around! And, as many other places, it is sure that Taipei has its charm anywhere.

For the moment, we have alreay found one: our home :)

carrer lleig_2


    Pero aquesta foto no es de la Meridiana de Barcelona???? :)

  • Muchos ánimos,y muy chulo el post. Si un guiri estuviera estos días en bcn (todos los días grises y lloviendo), tal vez pensaría lo mismo… :P

    Un abrazo

  • jhajhajhaaa… què bons!! moltes gràcies pels vostres comentaris! amb l’ALbert ens hem fet unes risses ;)

  • Aneu fent posts que és super-interessant.

    Amb un bloc com aquest, no calen “culebrots” com VentDelPla ;)

  • no es extrany que amb la polaroid de l’Albert surtin les fotos en blanc i negre.

    Je Je.

  • Avui fa sol segons indica el temps des de el blog i aquí BCN plou!!! us l’hem enviat perquè no el trobeu a faltar.