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From Barcelona to Taipei

Yes, yes!! Me too, I’m going to Taipei!!

Tough I hadn’t written in this blog yet, I’m also leaving to unknown lands, to keep Albert company and to discover a little bit more of the world :)

Let’s see what is going on with this trip, or adventure! In fact, I don’t think we are really conscious about what we are doing (at least me!), but there is this curosity and this strange feeling in your stomach that inspire you to pack everything and leave.

Once I have arranged all papers, spend Christmas days with family and say good bye (again) to my friends… I alreday feel like to go away and see what there is in that small island in the other side of the world! It is not the same to be aware of things when someone explains it to you, than to see it by yourself. So, even if we will explain everything as better as we can, we invite you to come!!

As I’ve could experiment, now I can say that Internet is a great invention! ;) Thanks to it we could talk with Albert perfectly, and he even had a Christmas song in live!!

My cousins (they are two artists!!) had made our own Christmas Song, a version of the Smurf’s lyrics! :)

la nostra cançó de Nadal

So, let’s pack and … to Taipei!!


    Aquí t’espero doncs! :)

  • Bravo Bravo bravo!

    Bon viatge i ens veiem aviat per aqui baix :)

  • Anna! Al final l’has escanejat, eh?
    A que mola la cançoneta??? ;)
    Petons cap a Taiwan!

  • Pobre Albert, tindre que aguantar la nadala de la tribu de les Pel Rojas.