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Merry Xmas! – Taiwanese style

Just be clear, Taiwan is not a catholic country/nation/region, therefore Christmas is not being officially celebrated but it is obvious that Xmas effects are felt here too: the workload is reduced (as Taiwan has many links with United States and Europe for business), people get mad to buy stuff that is not needed and e-mails with Xmas are sent. In my case Xmas had a very positive effect, as the company gave the 25th of December as a day (so I have time to post in the blog :))

In any case, nobody wants to lose the opportunity to sell more during this period and it is quite easy to spot Xmas decorations around Taipei, mainly Xmas trees in the malls and few nativity scenes in the metro stations (MRT)


Local communities of catholic countries (such as Spain) arrange some kind of Xmas celebration. La Casa de España en Taiwan organized on December 19th a Christmas lunch. I attended so I could meet all the Spaniards in one shot.





The Spanish population in Taiwan is composed for around 250-300 members (lunch was attended by 70 people aprox.) with a variety of backgrounds:  religious people (some of the aged 90+!), Spanish teachers at various universities around Taiwan (the biggest group), exchange students (ICEX or similar), business people (such as myself), few people linked to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, one journalist (from EFE news agency) and some artists. I was the one with less experience in Taiwan… just 9 days!

My personal Xmas experience has been unusual this year:

  • Xmas dinner (well, it was just a dinner, nobody thought about Christmas) was in a very local place full of Taiwanese people. I was the very single tourist there.



  • Skype call with my family at Mataró (technical problems prevented from having a videoconference session today)
  • skype_nadal

  • Videoconference with Anna’s family


Let me close this post saying that even being far far away, Internet is really useful to know what are the Christmas hits this year in Catalunya :) . Please take a look at Caganer Wikipedia entry for further information



    Feliz Navidad / Bon Nadal!!!

    Gran post, muy chulas todas las fotos, y curiosas las celebraciones en taiwan :)

    Por cierto, ¿que tal la comida por allí? ¿Ya te has adaptado? ¿Que es lo que más te gusta de Taiwan? ¿Y lo que menos?…Ya tienes temas para el próximo post :P

    un abrazo y feliz navidad!

  • Que bo el post, sobretot les captures de pantalla….
    Una mica quan jo vaig coneixer els sogres per skype quan encara estava a Londres….jaja.