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Ordinary people

The more you travel and visit countries the more you discover that the most interesting part of any country is always its people and the details on the most ordinary places. That’s never explained in any travel guide and it is always up to yourself to make the required effort to get in touch and interact with the local people.

If you check regularly this blog you probably have a good idea on how Taipei looks like, but let me share with the work of Magda, the wife of a Polish colleague at ADB Taipei, who is a professional photographer and runs

Maciej Korbas and Magda have been working together on creating a really beautiful album of ordinary people in ordinary places in Taiwan. Enjoy a selection of their work:

If you liked it, please visit the additional galleries below:

Taiwan streets by Maciej Korbas

Raw Taiwan by Maciej Korbas

Taiwan by Magdalena Frackowiak

Taiwan people by Magdalena Frackowiak

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    When did you take these photo?! Nice~

  • Nina… have you read the text? :) These are pictures from Magda and Maciej, not from Anna or myself :) and I agree, very nice pictures

  • I didn’t read it at home so I didn’t read it very clearly!!! haha~~~

  • Es necessita una mica de temps per a veure-ho tot.Però és interessant pel seu realisme i varietat, en uns casos, i per la creativitat, en altres.

  • Fantàstiques fotos! mooooolt maques.
    Felicitats a la Magda!
    I vosaltres a “lo tonto” feu fotos que s’inclourien dins aquests catàlegs.! :-)