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Trip and landing

So, Albert has landed already. After a long trip (Barcelona-Singapore-Taipei) he safely arrived and installed himself at the hotel while chasing down an apartment to live. Click on the album on the left to see few pictures of the trip.

The highlight of the trip is the Changi (Singapore) airport, regularly listed among the best airports in the world. To mention: the size of the airport, the size of the planes, the emptiness of the Terminal 3 and the comfort for a passenger in transit.
It is really interesting to see how the access to Internet ([power supply for laptop + wifi] or [small kiosk with a PC]) is provided for free instead of charged with an extra. That’s the difference between considering the access to technology a luxury or a need (like running water on the WC).

First impressions while walking around the hotel to get something to eat:

  • It reminds me Tokyo, but more chaotic and little bit more dirty
  • I’ve been able to see more Western people than I expected to, maybe because of the area of the hotel?
  • The fact of being Western people are largely ignored by locals (while in other cities in Asia I could feel being an attraction)
  • English won’t be enough to survive and integrate here … let’s start with Mandarin then!

If you like this kind of stuff, landing at Taipei airport:


    Interessant conversa entre el Cañi i una hostessa:
    -“oiga, señol… cómo le tengo que desil que apague los apalatos electlónicos dulante el atelissaje?? Acaso le hablo en chino?”
    -“pues va a ser que sí, señorita…”
    -“vaya… entonsses… masaje, señol?”
    Benvinguts a l’aventura!!

  • És curiós, no? Ara que viuràs a milers de quilòmetres de distància… sabrem més del teu dia a dia que quan vivies a unes quantes parades de Metro!

    Molta sort, maco! :)

    PS: Ja hem afegit l’RSS!

  • Mmmm..para aterrizar no te hacen apagar Todos los dispositivos electrónicos??? ¡Pirata! xD

    Gran post, y tiene razón el Paco, sabremos más ahora que estando en barna XD

  • Mentres tu tens temperatures primaverals, auqi está apunt de nevar al Tibidabo.
    Molta sort amb la reserca del pis i de les clases de chines. Salud i força.