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Let’s go to the sea!

First time to go to the beach! We are in the mood to explore outside Taipei during weekends to enjoy some fresh air from nearby mountains or the sea. Let’s be a weekend tourist.

As we read that there was a sand sculptures exhibition, we headed towards Fulong, one of the Taipei closest beach areas, taking from one to hours by train (take the express one!). We failed to escape from Taipei bad weather, as in Fulong we had rain and wind that prevented people from taking a bath or just lying on the beach.

Other than the beach there is not much to see (you can rent bikes and probably reach interesting places). Fulong beach is next to a nuclear plant… It is a private beach so you must pay to get into the beach, but the ticket is inexpensive. It is possible to rent canoes, surf and windsurf equipment.

The Fulong festival lasts for around one month and the sand sculptures are really impressive! Nothing to do with the small ones presented at Barceloneta beach ;) There is a wide range of styles and sizes. There was even one dedicated to Barcelona! Check the pictures :)

Tourist boy

Tourist girl

Mixing Avatar and Maya culture…
No comment…
China Airlines promotion and Avatar/Maya nudism
Full body plastic bag against the rain, Taiwanese tradition

There wer also DIY (Do it yourself) areas for kids and their parents. In many cases parents were having more fun than the kids!

Fulong town is basically one street that links the train station with the beach, as anywhere in Taiwan, it is full of food stalls. Taiwanese people really love to eat, and anywhere you go there is a local dish that can not be enjoyed anywhere else, so it is a must to eat it. At train stations there is the tradition of selling lunch boxes (similar to Japanese Bento Box or Spanish tupper ware lunch). Funlong lunch box is very famous so our lunch was just it (for less than 2 euros!) Yummy!

Once we were full we headed back to Taipei

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