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So, it was my turn to celebrate my 33rd birthday at Taipei and I did it twice.

Traditionally, Chinese people do not pay a lot of attention to birthdays until they are 60 years old. The 60th birthday is regarded as a very important point of life and therefore there is often a big celebration. After that, a birthday celebration is held every ten years, that is the 70th, the 80th, etc, until the person’s death. Generally, the older the person is, the greater the celebration occasion is. If you have a lot of interest on the subject you can read this article or this one too.

Dinner at Shinyeh 101, at Taipei 101 of course

On my birthday (June 3rd), after talking on the phone with my parents and grandmother, Anna and I went to Shinyeh 101 … that is at the 85th floor on the tallest building in the city, the Taipei 101( a previous post ). Good food (Taiwanese cuisine), Catalan wine and impressive views.
It was the most expensive meal ever at Taipei (you can compare it with a good dinner at Barcelona), but the experience was worth the price.

Part at home

The day after, Friday night, we organized a little party at home. We did not announce it as “birthday party” and very few of the guests knew that it was actually my birthday. We unveiled the secret during the party.

The original idea was to arrange the party at the roof top of the building, but the weather was not nice and we had an indoor party at the end. The flat was full of people (around 20), food (Catalan, Asian and American) and drinks (beer, Sangria and other liquors)

It was an unusual party, with a strange mix of nationalities and languages. The people that attended the party was able to speak: Mandarin Chinese (proper one and student level one), Taiwanese, Catalan, Spanish, English, Polish, Korean and Japanese.

We also had birthday cake and cheers (kampei!) :)

By the end of the party Stan played a little trick with Lei and she got her fingers trapped below a bottle of wine. By her face you can understand she was not happy about the end result :) … why do you need enemies with colleagues like that? ;)

Let’s see if we can host the next party at the roof top! (before typhoons season)


    Nihao Anna! Thank you invited us such a nice party. we enjoied a lot .
    ?????! ???Spanish ?????? Please teach me how to cook it.

  • Felicidades Albert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Buon compleannno!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Estem molt contents de veure que heu pogut celebrar l’aniversari-33 d’una forma tan completa i amb molta companyia, malgrat estar molt lluny de casa.


  • Per molts anys Albert!!!!
    Per cert, el pollo KFC és la part de cuina americana??? ;)

  • Per molts anys

    Mireia, Anna i Enric

  • Moltes felicitats des de les espanyes!!!


  • Felicitats tamago!
    Maca la barreja de gent.

  • FELIÇOS 33!!! Esteu molt guapos.