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MXM – Taiwan

MXM is the acronym that Telemadrid use for “Madrileños por el Mundo” TV Show.  After the visit from the Andalusian people (previous post) it is the time for the people from Madrid to visit Taiwan.

Around 50 minutes of  TV show. It has been uploaded to YouTube in 5 parts

The newswoman is not the very good, but the whole show helps  to get an idea about Taipei and few places around Taipei. You will see that it is nearly always raining during the TV show… but it is not so bad here! Couple of friend already warned us that the summer will be terrible here… I will report about it :)

Next Saturday we will join a lunch organized by La Casa de España en Taiwan and I assume we will meet a some of the guys and girls that have been on TV.

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    Taiwan is a nice place!
    The weather is nice today!!!
    Welcome to Taiwan!!!
    Hola!!! jajaja~