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“Au revoir Taipei”

Do not worry… we are not leaving Taipei yet. “Au revoir Taipei” is just the title of a film that we watched recently.

portadaThe film is a romantic comedy (quite funny indeed) and without any additional pretensions. The girlfriend of a guy from Taipei goes to Paris to study while he remains at Taipei. Obviously the relationship is cooled down and she decides to break up. The movie gets more complicated when the guy decides to travel to Paris and to get the money for the trip he needs to do some little jobs for his uncle that has links with local mafias.

The whole movie was shot at Taipei City and it is funny to see at the big screen the Shida night market (5 minutes away from home), the clerks from Family Mart with their mechanical welcome sentence, the MRT (metro at Taipei), the 24 hours Eslite Bookstore and some parks.

The movie was awarded with the Best Asian Film at Berlin Film Festival 2010.


If you have the change to watch “Au revoir Taipei” do not think twice and go!


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    Jo crec que et mereixes el títol d’ambaixador cultural taiwanès.

  • Holes! Us deixo el meu primer comment…
    M’estic aficionant al blog. La veritat és que jo només coneixia Taiwan per les pelis de Tsai Ming-liang i Hou Hsiao Hsien… Vaja que la coneixia poc.
    Per cert aquesta peli que citeu, que m’atreviria a qualificar de simpàtica, va guanyar el primer premi al BAFF.

  • Merci pel primer comentari! :) i que no sigui l’últim! (L’Anna m ha dit que n’has deixat un al post d’ella parlant xinès). La peli esta guanyant molts premis per tot arreu … et pots fer fan seu al facebook i anar veient les evolucions.