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I can not recall when or why, Anna and I said “chinita tu, chinita yo” (chinese little girl you, chinese little boy me). After using Google to find the source of this sentence from the back of our memory we found “Chinita de Amol” from a famous clowns group in Spain on the 80’s (“Los pallasos de la tele”)

Nobody knows about this song in Asia obviously :)

It is funny to see how a lot of people, when they try to sing something in Spanish, end up in one of the following Mexican options:
1) La Cucaracha. People sang the song to us in a shoe shop, waiting for the bus and at a bars in Tokyo and Taipei.

Here you can find the karaoke version if you want to try.

2) Bésame mucho. This song has been played in various outdoor concerts and my teacher of Chinese also sang it. The lady here below is NOT my teacher of Chinese.

The karaoke version here

To end up with this review, I must mention that the most popular music in Taiwan is usually coming from South Korea and it is performed by groups of girls or groups of boys with quite complex choreography that Taiwanese people try to copy (like we did at the year end party). There are two singles that can be heard everywhere in Asia at anytime

1) Nobody Nobody from Wonder Girls (girls group)

2) Sorry sorry from Super Junior (boys group)

They already had some success in the past but it looks like 2010 will also be a good year for them:
SNSD. SNSD won various awards at the recent 7th Korean Music Awards.

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