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First party at home

We wanted to arrange a flat inauguration party for a while and we just decided to organize it at the last minute on April 10th.

It was kind of “trial party” as we want to organize a bigger one in the rooftop of the building in the near future. We invited both people from my work, Anna classmates and some other people we have met so far.



Obviously we tried to make it a little bit “Spanish party”, so we prepared pà amb tomàquet, Spanish omelet Sangria and olives. Friends also helped with delicious cakes and fruit.


Just after organizing the party we realized a cultural mistake we have made with the party. Even it was mainly by pure coincidence, we organized our first party at home on April 10th, so exactly 4 months since Albert landed at Taipei.
In Chinese culture the number “4” is the unlucky number because it sounds like “death” (it is the same sound, just a different tone), so it is not correct to use or celebrate anything related to number “4”.

At least we did not promote the party as a “4 months celebration” but just as a casual party to show where we live to our friends.

Thanks for attending and see you next time! :)


    Dear Albert,

    Thank you for your invitation~ This is a wonderful party~ : )

    See you next time~ ;-)


  • Molt bé. Sempre podeu montar un negoci paral.lel: promocionar el pa amb tomàquet amb denominació d’origen “Catalunya”.

  • Hello Albert,

    I enjoyed the party well though my son felt boring. It’s meant for adults, can’t blame him. I am looking forward to the roof-top on. Go for it!

    About no. 4, it’s not that bad. It even did not cross my mind.



  • Com , sempre , qui organita , neteja ja , ja ja , aqui totom esta esperant la festa de la Iaia , esperu que el volcan i sendres no entretinguin el viatge de tornada .