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All look the same?

You always heard that all Chinese people (or Asian people in general) look the same, right? There is a website 100% dedicated to this subject: AllLookSame :)


Do you think you can distinguish them? It is not easy! :)

You can test yourself on the Exam Room on the website, not only about faces but also about food, architecture, landscapes, etc.

If you do not want to register, you can use login “nomads“(without “”) and password “nomads (without “”).

Click on the image below to enter the Exam Room and post your results on the comments of the blog! :) Have fun!



    I got 8 points!!!

  • No No~ I got 10 points!!! jeje~

  • That’s still bad for a Taiwanese ;) … I got 3 or 4 on my first try.

  • 2 de 20!!!!!!! XDDDDDD

  • Confirmat! All look the same! XD

  • I got 8, but it was just random clicking and I got lucky. I have no idea how you can tell them apart :)

  • I got 10!!! yeap

  • My god! Que xungo! Es podrien tatuar la inicial del pais al front o la bandera, no? :p