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North Korea (and III)

This is the third and last post for the trip to North Korea. You can read the previous first post and second post to have a more complete overview. “Great Leader” Kim Il Sung, “Dear Leader” Kim Jong Il and Kim Jong Suk One of the more particular aspects of a visit to DPRK is […]

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North Korea (I)

As Anna already mentioned at her last post I was not going to visit her in India. The secret holiday destination this year was North Korea (or Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, DPRK) and as you are reading this it means that everything was alright :) As it is an unusual destination (as you can […]

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Marina Bay Sands @ Singapore

This year I am travelling less for work but few weeks ago I was sent to Broadcast Asia in Singapore. In a previous post I already explained my views about Singapore (I do not like it too much) and, don’t worry, I am not going to bore you with my work stuff :) Singapore is […]

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Municipal elections 2010

Probably you have seen more than once videos of people fighting (boxing/karate) at some parliament. Quite often these images are from Taiwanese or South Korea parliament. Here below you have a brawl at the Taiwanese parliament on July 2010 while discussing about the EFCA agreement. Next November 27th there will be municipal elections to five […]

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Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement (ECFA)

Last Saturday while wandering around Taipei we encountered some of the remainings of a demonstration against ECFA We spent some time researching about ECFA: Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement. It is the most important agreement since the civil war 60 years ago. In principle it is mainly focused on economic aspects (reducing or eliminating import duties, […]

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