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Gong Xi Fa Cai

Happy Chinese New Year!

Next February 14th we will enter in the new chinese year, that will be the year of the Tiger


The Chinese New Year is the most important festival on the Chinese culture and you can compare it with the Western Christmas at some extend. There is a period of holidays, people return home (organizing a huge chaos) and there are traditional decorations, meals and celebrations to be followed.

Chinese communities around the world also join the celebration, as you can see on this information from la Vanguardia (Spanish newspaper).

Anna and I visited a traditional Chinese New Year market at Tihua Street. Apart from sampling a lot of food (free samples are offered), we bought some decoration (a figure of two fishes) and couple of red envelopes (hong bao)

If you have problems to see the gallery of pictures, click here to reach Picasa directly

The Chinese New Year celebrations will last for 1 month. We will try to join at least the “Lantern Festival” and some others. We will keep posting about it.

As we have no relatives to visit here, we are going to Japan for a week to visit Ricard and l’Asako! (and to go skiing also!). We will also post from Japan, no worries :)




  • I can’t type in Cinese~ Happy Chinese New Year!!!

  • Ski i sushi! Quina combinació més original!! Disfruteu molt del viatge! :D