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Asia is very big

So it is, Asia is the biggest continent in terms of extension area, but also it does not run short of population with its almost 4000 bilion people. By chance, we ended up into the heart of Asia, as Taiwanese say.

This is why during this year and a half we have been living in Taiwan we could travel and discover other places from this huge continent. And somehow, in Europe we have an uniform point of view of this continent and we only have a general idea about how its people and thier culture might be. However, the truth is that every country is pretty different from each other and from our experience until this moment, every country has its peculiarities that make it special.

Well, because this and much more we decided this year to split in two and go to explore different parts of Asia, each one in its own way. Do you know where pulpito will go this time?!

He will come with me to Koilakuntla, a small village in southeast India, in Andhra Pradesh state. I will be there for one month and a bit more to cooperate in the projects held by the organization HARIBALA NGO. Its main task is to sponsor children from this village and nearby areas to allow all of them to go to school, to eat and dress properly, and in short to have the opportunity to see them all smiling.

Few weeks ago, the works in the building where the children will live finished and a team of three artists gave it a personal touch of the project. Here you can see the images of the process and the final result: Bhanu Project. Now there are already the firsts kids living in the center, and everyday there are activities organized for them and the children who come from the village to attend English class and other activities.

With the support of the workers and volunteers, everyday the center looks better and children can have a routine full of tasks and recreational activities. Moreover, all volunteers go with a lot of energy to do many things, so it will a very busy summer: there will be a project with pictures taken by kids, videos, dances and much more. At the end of august there will be the oficial inauguration ceremony with a big party!

You can follow the whole process and activities on the organization’s blog (do not miss the pictures!):

And Albert… where is he going?!


    Quina sort noia, no nomes per la feina sino per poder menjar curry tots els dies :)

    Molta sort i ens veiem…. per Bcn?

  • Oh Anna, this is a wonderful idea! What an incredible journey you’re taking! I love how you summarize the activities with the line “to have the opportunities to see them all smiling.” What else could you ask for huh?

    Asia is certainly very big, and so is your inspiration!

  • Amb les fotos d’ HARIBALA ONG es pot veure que s’està fent una feina molt important. A part del “Pulpito”, pots comptar també amb la nostra companyia, encara que sigui una mica de lluny.

  • It is rare to find competent individuals on this topic, but you sound like you are aware of what you are referring to! Regards