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Triple celebration

Almost one month ago but… last 29th September I had a triple celebration.


Actually it was a week busy with birthdays and we ended full of eating cakes and different sweets.
Consecutively, it was our teacher of Chinese’s birthday and also of three students, so I ask them to do not bring any more cakes this day.

But I couldn’t escape from it. At noon, I went to have lunch with Albert and some of his colleagues, who by surprise brought a cake! (Thank you Mingta ;)) It was very good! A curious thing here in Taiwan is that, when buying a cake you are always asked about how old is the person and they give you the candles together with small dishes and spoons. Sometimes, in case of doubt or just to make a good impression, the candle is a question mark instead of numbers.

In the afternoon, after class, we went home to finish the celebration with a special dinner, a mix of Indian food (homemade by the teacher), Chinese (traditional dumplings) and Spanish-Catalan (potato omelet, bread with tomato sauce and ham!). This time we didn’t have any cake but instead we had a good plate of Spanish ham that Nina and Albert brought.

A part of that, a present from Albert was a puzzle with an encoded message… that we will reveal another time!

End of Chinese lessons

And just the same day we also finished our Chinese course. After 9 months and three courses of Chinese, I can say I can “speak” a little of Chinese, that means, “survival Chinese”. At school we had continuous assessment and at the end we could ask for a certificate with the final results:

I can not complain :)

And to show our level of Chinese (Albert’s too!) you can have a look at these videos! (without script! however not very natural).

One of the characteristics of the Chinese are the “measure words“… that is to say, besides the demonstrative article (the) or numeral (one, two…) in Chinese there is another particle that use to classify the words according to the charactersitics of the meaning. For example, people or things with any specific shape have a particle; animals have another one; flat things; things like sheets; elongated or flat things, or that you can take with a hand… But some others, match directly with the name of the object as sheet, can, bowl, bag, etc.

Here you have some examples in Chinese and English ;)

9 Months

The 29th of September was also the same day I left Barcelona 9 months ago to come to Taiwan. As Albert and I came on different dates, every month we “celebrate” one month more of our stay in Taiwan. Specially our families are who remember and congratulate us every time like a real birthday.

Also, we could celebrate that we already had the tickets to Barcelona to spend three weeks in October. But we’ll explain that on the next post ;)


    Encara bo que algunes celebracions j’ajunten. Si no, em sembla que no donaríeu l’abast.

  • Anna! Trobo molt interessant el que parleu en el video, eh?
    En serio, però sembla que us entengueu molt bé, vull dir que saps defensar-te bé! :D
    I l’altre video és molt divertit jejeje!

    Espero que us anés bé el viatge de tornada i no t’empatxis gaire amb els pastissos! :)

    Un petó molt graaaan!